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cereus hexagonus

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 members of the genus cereus are generally shrubby or tree-like columnar cacti with 4 to 10 well-defined ribs lined with rows of large areoles armed with several stout spines. flowers are large, funnel-shaped, usually white, sometimes pink, purple, and rarely cream, yellow or greenish. they are fragrant and nocturnal and the fruits of some species are edible. they are globose to ovoid, naked, usually red but sometimes yellow with white or pink pulp. the seeds are large, ovoid, and glossy black.

cereus cacti like full sun. they can handle partial shade but thrives during the summer in direct sunlight. sunny south, east, or west window is a good spot to grow a cereus indoors. rotate the pot a quarter turn every week or two to encourage balanced growth. if possible, get your cereus outdoors from spring to fall for fresh air and extra light. increase sun exposure gradually to prevent sunburn.

these cacti do not like to have "wet feet" and need to be grown in well-draining soil. use commercial soil mixes for cacti and succulents or make your own potting mix.

from spring to autumn, during the active growth period water thoroughly, but allow the soil to dry out before watering again. with the arrival of autumn, gradually reduce the watering frequency. during the winter, when cereus cacti are dormant, give them just enough water to prevent shrinking. container grown plants often require more water than their counterparts growing in open soil.

during their growing season, cereus cacti like regular fertilizing.


*product includes plant only in plastic pot