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rattan eye wall hanging

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Bullet Points:

1、Design: Hand-woven rattan mirrors can be used to create theme walls in any room or in combination with other mirrors
2、Applicable: All countertops are suitable for your interior decoration, making your life more radiant and convenient for your life.
3、Material: adapt to the current trend, using natural materials, geometric drawings, retro inspiration and neutral color rattan design, tasteless, strong, not easy to damage
4、Save space: hang it on the wall without occupying its location and providing projection services. You can install mirrors and photos, images to make your life more style, and the product is easy to use.
5、Cleaning protection. Clean delicate products with a soft, damp cloth


rattan crafts eye frame creative photo wall hanging frame decoration

1. Design: Hand-woven rattan mirrors can be used to create theme walls in any room or in combination with other mirrors.
2. Applicable: All countertops are suitable for your interior decoration, making your life more radiant and convenient for your life.
3. Material: adapt to the current trend, using natural materials, geometric drawings, retro inspiration and neutral color rattan design, tasteless, strong, not easy to damage
4. Save space: hang it on the wall without occupying its location and providing projection services. You can install mirrors and photos, images to make your life more style, and the product is easy to use.
5. Cleaning protection. Clean delicate products with a soft, damp cloth

Material: vine
Peripheral length and width: 33*33cm
Size of the inside circle: 11*11cm
Product size: 33*33