Isn't it time you made your side greener?

Ever think about what things might be like on the other side? As life gets more and more complicated, you need to get back to basics to stay on top of things, like surrounding yourself with greenery which has been proven to improve mental health and wellbeing. 

Enjoy the greener life with our range of bespoke and curated plants, pots and home decor for indoor and outdoor spaces. Together with our workshops, design and plant care services, you'll never think about life on the other side again.

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Amazing product, high quality modern pot and generous plants. Two months later and my succulent bowl is still looking amazing. Thank you!

Lauren V, Alfred Cove

Oh wow, it looks really professional!

Suzie C, Mt Lawley

Fabulous products with good quality pots and modern plant designs. All plants healthy and thriving

Vanessa H, Canning Vale